Issue Date

January 2019

Total Supply


블록 생성 기간

2.5 mins


About SCOR Coin

Scorcoin was developed by applying the most stable hash algorithm, the scrypt blockchain technology. All of Scorcoin`s technologies are built at fast transaction speeds so that they can be used seamlessly in a variety of platforms while seeking the stability of transactions based on superior security.

Scorcoin was issued by pre-collection and introduced a scrypt, the most stable hash algorithm, for use as a payment currency in the real economy.

Utilizing the automatic swap technology, a hash time-lock contract based on the automatic swap address function and time-lock function, the link between different blockchain and transaction speed were increased. Scorcoin in Segwit increased transmission throughput per hour by applying a witness separation method that separates the electronic signature part from the block, allowing more transactions to be recorded within a block efficiently.

It is designed for convenient and fast payment through various platform mobile electronic wallet.


Other information

Most of the proceeds from the distribution and use of Scorcoin will be invested in technology development, business development and infrastructure expansion for users, as well as in donation projects to NGOs and others around the world.

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